It's my mission to bring together the community of wickedly brilliant and insatiably curious millennials - or thereabouts - who are active participants in life. Who seek meaningful conversations, have a hunger to learn, who feast on ideas and are agile to embrace change.

We're generational misfits - Xennials, wedged somewhere between Gen X and Millennial. We grew up analog and embraced digital. We got stuck doing what we were supposed to do. Life passed, and by the time we realised the old model no longer fit the world we found ourselves in, we were in our 30s. Now middle age has come so fast, and will be quite different to generations past.

Given how fleeting the world has become, I have for some time felt compelled to create a space where we can hold meaningful and authentic conversations, and I know I can't be alone in this yearning.

I'll start by learning out loud, undertaking deliberate practice to cultivate habits, my environment and mindset so to best energise my fitness, ideas, passions and connections. I strive for radical authenticity and honest learning which means sharing successes and struggles, and occasionally looking ridiculous, and through this I can grow and I hope inform, inspire and incite you also.

Welcome to Smart Strong Stylish - personal development for the insatiably curious. I trust you'll enjoy the intelligent irreverence of this place and I invite you to join the conversation!

About Kate

My passion is the intersection between education, technology and user experience. The internet holds so many possibilities to help us as individuals, groups and organisations grow and learn, and my mission to bring us together reflects this optimism.

As an eighteen year veteran of Educational Technology, I've delivered innovative technologies into learning environments, product and project managed Agile teams in an ed-tech startup environment, designed CX strategies that engage customers and connected the user community, and helped hundreds of thousands of instructors and students use technology effectively for learning online.

I live in Perth, Australia with my partner: the rock to my kite, two British Shorthair cats, Luci and Polly, and have a serious addiction to house plants!